The Wolf of Baghdad DVD Stream – Rent

The Wolf of Baghdad DVD Stream – Rent




Purchasing this will allow you to stream the DVD from the website – anywhere, anytime. (Please note that there is a 48-hour streaming period from time of purchase.)

The Wolf of Baghdad, originally a graphic memoir about a Jewish family’s lost Iraqi homeland, comes to life panel by panel as a motion comic (animated slideshow) with its own Iraqi and Judeo-Arabic music soundtrack provided by 3yin. .

“The Wolf of Baghdad is a ‘tour de force’ – the moving story of the destruction of a community seen through the eyes of an Iraqi Jew – and a wolf. The most exciting animated audio-visual experience since ‘Persepolis’.” Lyn Julius, Harif

“An enthralling and moving combination of art and music. It is magical.” Claudia Roden, Cultural Anthropologist and Food Writer

“The Wolf of Baghdad is an amazing achievement, a brilliantly and appropriately mute navigation through the dreamscape of recorded and recovered memory, both haunting and devastatingly haunted.” Martin Rowson

“…Moving, exhilarating and powerful.” Alex Fitch, Resonance FM

  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • PG rated